The disposable (or fast-fashion) fashion industry seriously harms the environment: pollution, destruction of ecosystems, violation of human rights ...

Fortunately, many initiatives are emerging to build ethical and more sustainable fashion.


Moluki is committed to ethical fashion by joining the Stripe Climate program.

When you make a purchase on a part is donated to fight against carbon emissions.
You become an actor by participating in the development of carbon elimination technologies.

Fast-fashion, a growing weight for the climate

The fashion sector's carbon footprint is estimated at 1.2 billion tonnes of CO2, or around 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions. If buying trends continue, this share will reach 26% in 2050!

These projections can be explained in particular by the explosion in sales and the increasing use of polyester, which emits three times more CO2 than cotton during its life cycle.
Not to mention transport: a pair of jeans can travel up to 65,000 km before arriving at the point of sale. When we know that some brands renew their shelves 24 times each year ...


Why finance carbon elimination?

Removing carbon is essential in the fight against global warming
In order to avoid the most catastrophic effects of global warming, we must limit the average rise in global temperature to 1.5 ° C above pre-industrial levels. It is therefore necessary, by 2050, to completely eliminate global CO₂ emissions, which in 2018 amounted to around 40 gigatonnes per year.

To achieve this goal, we must both drastically reduce new carbon emissions, but also remove carbon already in the atmosphere.

Find the projects and companies participating in this ambitious program: